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Studying for a test? Prepare with this lesson on Adoption and awareness around the world.
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KHAN ACADEMY in my School A site which will help you excel your mathematical skills Gymnasium nr 74, Warsaw I could say that Khan Academy is my assistant in working with students Absent students can easily catch up. I can suggest what topics they should work on, what exercises would help. They can make up for lost time. If I don't get something, I enter the Khan site, I watch a video, and then I do some tasks to consolidate my knowledge. In 2nd grade I had this situation when I was close to failing. Mrs. Rosinska suggested I could improve my grades on Khan, so… She had my back and made sure my average got better. And I got my promotion to grade 3. What's important is that I, as the coach, have direct access to their work. I see what topics they've worked on, what poses no problems, and what does. If I see a rectangle lit in red, it means there are mistakes. If that's the case, I talk with the student about the specific topic, say: dividing by fractions. I don’t waste time on tracking the problem. I see it at once, it takes much less time and is simply more effective. The lessons I have on Khan are great repetitions. You can consolidate the material, broaden it. The exercises allow students to improve their skills. In one group which had a serious problem with math there had been a definite improvement, their test results are better. Even if someone gets an F, and then works on Khan... You can tell at once. If they work on it, devote some time, they will have results. Working with Khan Academy is an individual effort, in which the child overcomes the obstacles on its own. But it's also a great tool for team work, because those tasks are presented to students in a form of a game. So the students gather points, their avatars, they can compete in how many points they have. When we started Khan, Mateusz and I would compete. I really wanted to catch up with him, to be on his level. Khan allows me to recommend given issues or topics. They immediately show up on the student's page and, surprisingly, it works. This electronic, communication technology works better than chalk on a blackboard. The English Khan Academy site has had 10 million hits a month. It hosts 5000 films and 1500 exercises from different fields. The Polish Khan Academy site has had 70 thousand hits a month. It hosts 1400 Polish films or films with Polish subtitles. This film has been created by Parents In Education. Visit our website.