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Ligningssystemer med lige store koefficienters metode: Kongens cupcakes

Vi bruger lige store koefficienters metode til at finde ud af, hvor mange cupcakes der bliver spist af børn og voksne. Lavet af Sal Khan.

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after you complete all roles or a punch in the open sea have attended today's return them back to their father the invisible I stuff okay and B and yes so excited brunch return to their son or Connor too hard oh that he wants to throw a beat to luncheon but he has a little bit of a conundrum and throwing the Brian he wanted to figure out and schools many cupcakes how many cupcakes for my new company order and waste anybody wants to make sure it's kickin ability lets go Sam say not sitting here because well I know adults some coconut cupcakes then charity box not I know thankfully I'm gonna know we'll always eat the same visit LG box especially my parents pieces and so you say King well what is fuckin kidding for Miss humanity okay you asking daddy is a very confident Kong see a situation didn't see it as well about a final or the last hard to only had five hundred adults adults oxen and we had 200 children to come on da children and combined locks combined they show 2500 comedians cupcakes d900 near 200 cupcakes because I'll know hit me resting soon I think I'll need a little bit more information have you thrown part message the stores I have I like to provide me well what happened at the party before it's an infant we also hit my box no Titan about 500 filling the Austin and we have three change about 300 children I'll just because he will have left reason aside partisan bonito come plus 3131 autonomous up cakes and so you get a team activity we feel a little bit of algebra might apply over biscuit fini he forgets you forgot ha me in the dark skates on average gives the DL two cupcakes it'll bouncers number of cupcakes the gimmes Nicki and some cupcakes more Teresa for an adult oh and we also need a figure came mostly intentar can burp costumes or visa for a child so these are the two things d 2 g's could be feeling with a universal group because then we can find companies consumer that means elbows are on earth and get their exact right number of cupcakes so it has Kennedy nificant evdo and so look these are the finals are falsifying some variables they represent those things so let's let let's let well let's do a for adults let's set a equals number of cupcakes a on average each adult eats and let's do see four children so this is the num games begin Kiki into court a child on visa for st. given that information let this can see you totally coming soon from the shoot me el khabar let's think about this orange and their star ratings belongs how can we represent this out come on cupcake speech to the boxster today how many cupcakes are the eight at that party fit most adults and on average each other recently a cupcake cakes so the toilet it's been over five hundred times a but I want to learn well say speaks to their see colleagues and the hbg no sigue cakes so 200 times C is a total number of cupcakes at the children aged four ma huh how many pops Martha versus adults eight plus the total number that the children a edit my best when she looks at me the demon you to enjoy tidings so let's do that apply that same awesome me towards imploring freshly this blue information but not erupting existed Fox neatly well once again how many total cut about the adults eat well you had enough for adults and they each ate a cut cupcakes which is an unknown right now and then what about the chills about our title of boundary children de SPEs they bear a safe cupcakes and so if you had obviously I'm something dr. Foley 20 children eight you get to 3,100 equinox cupcakes so this is trying to look at ready I need to speak wage and that is dumb of two angels who begin two unknowns and you know from your bow small student limit so I wouldn't be able to solve this uses collège de Graaff a'kla like you lose the caucus but now you skilled at this table with a majestic I station of the algebra that you already know and ESPO I'm just gonna get fucked Leia new yes so let's rewrite this first equation writer okay so we have five MA hey a+ 100 cc is equally militant hoops Andrew nine hundred copies are coming out filleted if we could get rid of this 500 a somehow mesquite Inc okay you might be excited to private 509 so you might be good on a subtract I see the foster day come back at five hundred and on the left-hand side you'd also have to subtract 500a from the right hand side and so GA what emotions because you ever seen a no on the right hand I look good it will still have one equation with everyone knows these people would fit when you say something interesting the c500 a here what if i subtracted a 508 excuse you talkin to you i see for 500 a and the 300c from the beaufort why is that useful you're gonna have to do this unless you don't have an a in a seat bent on the right infant everyone hold on one second here you Tyga balloon pops out middendorf's ones I can't do some so i'm subtracting the left hand side of this equation but this left hand side is the exact same thing as this right hand side between i can subtract five hundred eighteen hundreds and i can't do a vacation day and subtract three hundred see over here but we know that subtract 500a the china feel the exact same thing is a crock 31 due to some so much time here this is 580 news Phillip EA minus 3c exact same Teddy samsung subtract 500a ain't lost three Lucy tightness and we know that 559 a tu just exactly 3108 to sneeze another 30 100 this is what the second information gave us since instance for time I don't earn a 8-3 take Lucy we can just carry a 3100 time but we know that this is exciting League of you so I'll be clear that he's bitten it so let's clear that out yeah I'm Sophie here instead of doing this i can subtract the exact eigen value which we know is 30 25 subtract 3100 so look at it this estimate is not an acquaintance fought enforce the topic way to be Tigers practice on the police is very basic algebra in ischia but if we do that let's see what happens so on the left-hand Vince to silent a man is not a day though mr. holla 8 200 see many hundreds tell you that sees name is Lucy to lose 100 °c and on the right-hand ice when I'm sundram I need more wonders is a new journey to know 200 mean well now we have one equation one unknown and we know how to solve millions we can divide both sides but I may babysit 180 vdf bbc's i'm using my negative 100 these cancel out you know and then over here you still up with a positive 2 so c is equal to positive 2 so we've spent in one event but games child's bon iver cupcakes two cups so c is equal to 2 c-e limit so how can we figure out what face oh hey well now we can take this information go back into almost one of you know co-coach about what your sizes be no fingers let's go back into the orange let's go to make new hongxia what a has to be so we had 500 phila 8 500 in us loose hundreds we want to see but we know it so many so is too so 200 to see is immature y 9 i'm here to be equal to 20 min 900 a new Spencer just BS Oliver a one equation with one unknown so we have been like a hundred a 508 200 times 2 102 some a few 100 is a diluted 2900 we can subtract your time enough for baby sighs this equation avi do that the princesses star hundred and mr. 611 fitna eight this cancels out and on the left hand side we have 508 is very exciting we're in the home stretch on the right hand I used or twenty five twenty five hundred 500 points my favorite can divide both sides EBT a hundred and we are left in the 2500 / 500 is just five so you have a beautiful to alive and you're not going to solve the Kings cannot Barry Bonds piece of child on average drink beer box water and favor sorry takes water I don't where I got that from each child each tu casa luca call it without among cupcakes hey see the 5 home based on the adult folks are coming to the presumption or honor you now know exactly the number of cupcakes that the King needs to order