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Bestemme ligninger for vinkelrette linjer

Givet en linje A og et punkt P, så finder vi ligningen for den linje som er vinkelret på A, og passerer gennem P. Lavet af Sal Khan og Montereys Institut for teknologi og undervisning.

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we're asked what is the equation of lining vegan they tell us that line a has any weight y is equal to 2x plus 11 to waste and they say that the line being contains the point 6 summon negative 7 and they tell us lies opinion they are a perpendicular perpendicular so that any easing from that slope negative example of ve must be negative ending 4-pin verse [ __ ] to of acid slope of a for a slope of a so we'll do is we'll figure out the slope of a they take negative inverse of it yes you'll know the slope of B then we can use the gimmicks right here to fill in the gaps in figure out a psy interest what's the slope of a there's already I hope intercept this RNA is right there evening for you MX plus B his knee yeah image is equal to 2 so the feeling of a is too so what is the slope of be very healing for people what is bees business is slow going to have to be what's perpendicular a so I'm going to be negative inverse of this and then the inverse of sand to is one-half you'd be negative inverse of that is negative 180 to invest has to weigh slopes is negative 1 out of BS so we know that heavies equation has to visit why is the a tomb it's hitting M times X X plus some y intercept we still don't we still don't know when the widescreen s blog for B is we can use this information if they'll figure it out we know that Y is equal to negative sissu we know then y is equal to negative 7 when x is equal to 6 X when X is e 6 negative one-half and hit kind 86 you speak x 6 plus beams and pen writing 6 i'm just i just know that this is all have point so passing this evening this if the point must satisfy the equation of line be nice people let's work out when beings must via so in this article or when either y-intercept leave the lower gain you beat us a line v so we have a negative seven you new suit negative 7 is equal to what's the negative one-half I'm immune system takes here that s Hollywood like be estos a negative one-half that means in the country these equals negative 3 I see our y-intercept let's add three years old side of this equation beaning so if we add 3 into boats I just want to get rid of this injury right here what do we get the left-hand side negative 7 mean Leslie is like negative forms to you and that's going to be eating to these guys cancel out equal to be our y-intercept so this right here is a negative 4 so the equation of line v is semen is y equal to its slope is a negative inverse of this character so negative one-half and haig ative one-half x and its y-intercept it when we just figured out is negative 4 but if I awesome or at the end we are