Mapping Khan Academy math content to international curriculum

When adapting Khan Academy for your region, it is incredibly helpful to have a mapping of your region’s local curriculum to Khan Academy’s localized math content (practice skills).  This provides a starting place for learners, parents, and educators in the region. Use as a starting point.
Considerations when creating a mapping:
1) Consider the mapping a progression of learning (not just mapping standards to skills).
2) Group skills together in subtopics.  You may notice in each of our grade level topics, there are subtopics to help students understand what concepts go to together and in what order.
3) Use the U.S. grade levels on KA as the best example of what a mapping can look like. The ideal for us is to (in the future) be able to integrate localized tutorials for each region directly into the KA platform similar to  what exists for the U.S. standards.

Example curriculum mappings

Below are partial mappings that organizations around the world have provided. If you have a more up-to-date mapping focusing on how your local curriculum relates to KA practice skills, please send to