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So, I actually, uh, dropped out of high school twice, uhm, both during my freshmen year. Uhm, and when I eventually came back I was sort of put in lower level math and science classes because I was so behind. Then I discovered KhanAcademy and I was able to skip two years worth of math just through using this site. And I came into school and I took the exam with students who had been enrolled in the class all year and I was actually able to get the highest or the second highest scores in the class. Uhm, so for me, KhanAcademy really changed the trigectory of my entire life. Because without it, I don't think I would have ever really been inspired to learn and to love math and to love science. I ended up graduating as a valedictorian and going on to Princeton where I'm now a computer science major and I'm absolutely passionate about learning, about computers, about math, about science... and without KhanAcademy I don't think that these things would really matter to me the way that they do today. So, I'd just like to say a massive thank you to everyone at KhanAcademy still on the team. Please keep doing the good work that you're doing because you're really changing lives.