Ideas for using Khan Academy in out-of-school programs

There are many ways that Khan Academy can be used in an out-of-school time program and any implementation will depend on your local context.  Different coaches in different settings use Khan Academy in different ways to help their students meet their learning goals.  Below are some ideas to get you started in your thinking about implementation from what we have seen.  However, feel free to adapt and innovate on these ideas depending on your unique program and needs!

Idea #1 Math Hour:

Students select and work on an appropriate grade- or subject-level mission twice a week for 1 hour, making their way through the mission over the course of the year and reinforcing the great work they are doing in their classrooms. Volunteer tutors can be a great support in a program like this, providing extra targeted help if students are struggling in particular areas.  If you have a close relationship with the student's school, their teachers can also help to identify a weekly or monthly study guide of  skills that students need to practice within the mission given what they are learning during the school day.
How do you know which mission is right for your students’ needs?
Here are suggestions from some teachers:
  • Students who need remediation: If you have students who are performing below grade-level, missions such as Early Math, Arithmetic, or Pre-Algebra can help solidify their math foundations first.
  • Students who are at grade-level: These students can use their corresponding grade-level or subject-level missions to reinforce what they’re learning in class and move at their own pace through the year’s curriculum.
  • Students who are above grade level: If these students want to make sure that they are prepared for their grade-level or subject-level exams, they can do so by working through the appropriate grade-level or subject-level missions.  If they want to challenge themselves to learn more advanced material, then they can explore missions above grade level.  And, they can always work on multiple missions at once!

Idea #2 Computer Programming Enrichment:

Students can select and work on computer programming, learning the basics of JavaScript.  They can write their own programs and share them, explore programs made by others, and learn from each other's programs. Students are able to navigate the computer programming subject well on their own and the coach or program facilitator does not need to know how to do programming!

Idea #3 Homework Help/Reward:

As students work on their homework, they can have the opportunity to work on Khan Academy a s an extra support if they are struggling on their homework or as a reward if they finish their homework quickly. Using the short instructional videos, step-by-step hints, and the wealth of practice problems can help build up student's confidence and competence in any skill they are learning.  Think of Khan Academy as an online tutor that students can access at any time!

Technology challenges you may come across:

Across implementations, we know that access to technology can be a challenge.  If that is the case, you may want to consider:
  • Targeting the program for a smaller group of students that need extra help or the students that are most excited about the program!    
  • Using "station" rotations so that students have a variety of off the computer activities (like math games or long-term projects) and rotate between those activities and Khan Academy during the math time

To learn more about different methods of using Khan Academy in out-of-school settings:
Feel free to share other ideas with us in the discussion area below.  We are always learning from what all of you are able to do with your students every day!