Our homeschool story: the Langdon family (WA)

About our family

I’ve been homeschooling since 2009. I’m currently homeschooling three kids, ages 10-15, who have very different strengths and passions. With Khan Academy, each child can learn at their own pace and according to their own interests, without comparing themselves to one another.
Photograph of Langdon family

How we use Khan Academy

I first started using Khan Academy to challenge my youngest son, Mac, who was getting bored with his textbook. He took to Khan Academy like a duck to water, so I decided to try it out with his siblings as well. Now, all my kids use Khan Academy as their main math resource.
We have three computers in our breakfast area. Every day, the kids work on Khan Academy while I take care of household chores, and I check in periodically to make sure they’re on task. I give my kids short-term assignments (such as practicing a certain number of skills each day) as well as long-term goals (such as completing their grade-level missions by the end of the year). After they finish their daily assignments, they’re free to explore anything on the site, from art history to computer programming. Letting each of my kids take their own path is really important to me, and Khan Academy gives them this flexibility.

How our homeschooling changed

With Khan Academy, my kids can push themselves as far as they want to go. They’ve also discovered new interests. My oldest daughter, for example, has fallen in love with computer programming - something I wouldn’t have been able to teach her on my own. She especially enjoys getting votes and comments from other Khan Academy users on programs she’s created. In that sense, Khan Academy has really boosted her confidence and opened a door we might never have found otherwise.

Biggest challenges

Our biggest challenge was finding Khan Academy in the first place! When I first started looking for online resources to support my children in math, all the options I found were either high-priced or simplistic - little more than video games or digital worksheets. I spent two years searching, and Khan Academy was the best structured and by far the most helpful for our family.

Words of wisdom

Don’t underestimate the power of avatars and badges! Not only do they help kids see their progress, but they’re also great motivators. More specifically, earning badges and avatars helps children learn that achieving a goal is a valuable reward in and of itself.