Aldehyder og ketoner

Aldehyd introduktionKeton navngivningNomenklatur for aldehyder og ketonerPhysical properties of aldehydes and ketonesReaktiviteten af aldehyder og ketoner
Formation of hydratesFormation of hemiacetals and hemiketalsAcid and base catalyzed formation of hydrates and hemiacetalsFormation of acetalsAcetals as protecting groups and thioacetalsFormation of imines and enaminesFormation of oximes and hydrazonesAddition of carbon nucleophiles to aldehydes and ketonesFormation of alcohols using hydride reducing agentsOxidation of aldehydes using Tollens' reagent

Om dette emne

Aldehydes and ketones can be starting materials for a range of other functional groups. We will be learning about the nomenclature and reactions of aldehydes and ketones, including how to use acetals as protecting groups.