Introduktion til kiralitetKirale eksempler 1Kirale eksempler 2Chiral vs achiralStereoisomers, enantiomers, and chirality centersIdentifying chirality centers
Drawing enantiomersCahn-Ingold-Prelog regler for navngivning af enantiomererR,S systemR,S (Cahn-Ingold-Prelog) navngivningssystem eksempel 2R,S system practiceMore R,S practiceFischer projection introductionFischer projection practiceOptisk aktivitetOptical activity calculations
Stereoisomere, enantiomerer, diastereomers, konstitutionelle isomerer og meso-forbindelserEnantiomers and diastereomersMeso-forbindelser

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Just like how your left foot doesn't quite fit your right shoe, molecules also can have properties that depend on their handedness! This property is called chirality. We will go over what makes a molecule chiral, stereoisomers, assigning configurations using the R,S system, optical activity and Fischer projections.