Evolution and the tree of life

Introduction to evolution and natural selectionAbe - præciseringIntelligent design og evolutionEvolution clarificationNaturlig selektion og uglesommerfuglenDarwin, evolution, & natural selectionVariation in a speciesEvidence for evolutionEvidence for evolution
Allele frekvensHardy-Weinberg equationApplying the Hardy-Weinberg equationDiscussions of conditions for Hardy-WeinbergAllele frequency & the gene poolMechanisms of evolutionGenetic drift, bottleneck effect, and founder effectGenetic driftNatural selection in populations
Taxonomy and the tree of lifeArterSpeciationSpecies & speciationBiodiversity and natural selectionGenetic variation, gene flow, and new speciesDiscovering the tree of lifeUnderstanding and building phylogenetic treesPhylogenetic treesBuilding a phylogenetic tree
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Discover the diversity of life on Earth and the forces that shape it! In this section, you can learn about evolution, natural selection, and the tree of life, as well as basic population genetics. Special bonus: take a peek into the amazing worlds of bacteria and viruses.
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